Angermayer Q&A

Key Takeaways:


  • Over the next 10-20 years longevity will be the centerpoint of health research
  • The total market is 100% of the population
  • Many rich friends would spend all their money for extra years of life
  • Rejuveron will only be one of a whole sector of companies focused on aging
  • Having diverse portfolio companies allows for cross pollination of ideas between industries
  • Investors are generalists, they need to be able to find out who to trust and understand enough science to know what is bullshit
  • At the moment aging is not a disease, but it needs to be considered one
  • Targeting standard diseases alongside aging is a good strategy
  • Biomarkers are extremely important for aging research
  • QALY (Quality-Adjusted Life-Year) has been used in the past to measure the economic value of life, but recently it has been tossed out the window with the Covid crisis
  • Large scale clinical biotech investors tend to think in the short term, while tech investors seem to have longer timescales, but there are places where those perceptions intersect and Christian is currently operating in that space
  • Rejuveron operates both in clinical and preclinical spaces
  • There haven’t been any bad surprises in longevity investing yet, knock on wood!
  • Amazing scientists are often not amazing drug development people
  • Longevity is the biggest problem, but the second biggest problem is mental health.  Bringing psychadelics back into the medical world will be better than SSRI’s
  • Regarding other investment interests, Blackrock neurotech has a really great brain computer interface
  • Speech as we know it may be phased out with good enough brain computer interface technology
  • For bitcoin, store of value is 99% of the value, it’s like digital gold
  • Regarding climate change, banning things will not solve the problem.  Artificial milk and cheese, along with meat etc. would make us feel as bad about eating cows as eating elephants because there will be no need.