Self-Sovereign Identity for Health Commons

As a follow-up to our health commons meeting, Adrian Gropper, Trustee, will give an intro to how self-sovereign identity could aid with concerns around privacy and data analysis.

Trustee uses self-sovereign identity to enable experts such as a credentialed physician or a defense attorney to interact directly with a self-sovereign person, who can avoid correlation by platforms, service providers, and other powerful surveillance entities.

Senolytic Drugs as COVID-19 Response

Matthew Scholz, Oisin Biotech, will give an intro on how senolytic technology could potentially function as COVID-19 response/prophylaxis.

Oisin targets the clearance of senescent cells using drugs known as senolytics, with technology that can be programmed to kill any type of cell by targeting a specific protein that it expresses; typically, this would be p16 for senescent cells.

Speaker(s): Matthew Scholz, Oisin Adrian Gropper, Trustee