Molecular Machines: Computing

Key Takeaways – Ravi:


  • T-cells bind to HLA (Human Leucocyte Antigen) molecules to identify pathogens in the body
  • T-Cell receptors determine specificity for binding
  • Ravi is mapping the potential TCR conformations using machine learning
  • This should help uncover hidden immunotherapy ideas



Key Takeaways – Tad:


  • There are three areas for molecular machines – discovery, control of individual machines, and design behavior for large numbers of machines
  • Discovery entails using simulations to visualize machines we cannot yet build, and to use machine learning to design and fabricate conceptual machines
  • We have poor intuition for molecular machines with regard to thermal motion and viscous damping
  • Inertial motion has different rest states than viscous motion
  • Swarm behavior is the ideal design philosophy for robots which are numerous but have limited programming capacity