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We ask you to present a negative test taken within the last 48 hours (also for vaccinated and recovered).

How to join?

You can purchase a US or France ticket to join in either location, including a 1 year membership that gives you access to our cyberspace layer. Your donation is tax-deductible and allows us to do the work we do. We are committed to supporting bright minds and have limited ability to offer subsidized tickets via the income-support application below. Granted applications will be notified on a rolling basis.

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This year, a part of Vision Weekend is also moving to cyberspace. 

As an Associate, you can watch our US and France talks from cyberspace, and meet minds like yours from around the globe. Launching at Vision Weekend, and continuing throughout 2022, we invite you to join our cyberspace layer for virtual seminars, collaborations and community.




As Associate, you can choose the daytime option to join us for Saturday’s program at the Internet Archive in San Francisco and Sunday’s afternoon sessions at the Bird’s Nest Villa in the Berkeley Hills.

As Ally, you are additionally invited to join Saturday’s VIP dinner at a private home in SF, and Sunday’s small morning sessions on a ship, and rocket company around SF. 

We recommend booking your stay at The Riu Plaza At Fisherman’s Wharf to be in the same place as other participants.

Link to Detailed Schedule

FRANCE: DEC 11 & 12

As Associate, you can choose to join our Saturday and Sunday daytime program at Chateau du Feÿ, Villecien, a laboratory for the future disguised as a stunning 17th century castle, 90 minutes outside of Paris.

As Ally, you are invited to stay two nights at the Chateau, from Friday to Sunday, to enjoy the evening celebrations and curated experiences.


If you are not staying at the castle, we recommend staying in Joigny, 10 minutes from the chateau. For instance at the Hotel Restaurant Le Rive Gauche

Link to Detailed Schedule

In-person speakers in US and France include

Biotech & Health Extension: 
Reverse Aging and Improve Cognition

The Future of +++ aging hallmarks + artificial organs + thymus rejuvenation + aging clocks + gene therapy + plasma dilution + biostasis + diagnostics + senolytics + biohacking + escape velocity investing +++


Sonia Arrison
100 Plus Capital

Karl Pfleger

Martin Borch Jensen
Gordian Biotechnology

Greg Fahy
Intervene Immune

JJ, Ben-Joseph
Foresight Fellow

Dr. Emil Kendziorra
Tomorrow Biostasis

Stephen Malina
Foresight Fellow

David Eagleman
Stanford University


Mary Lou Jepsen


Laurence Ion


Jean Hebert
Albert Einstein
School of Medicine


Alexander Fedintsev
Foresight Fellow

Michael Greve
Forever Healthy

Daniel Ives
Shift Biosciences

Maryna Polyakova
Foresight Fellow

Nora Khaldi


Nikolina Lauc


Niklas Rindtorff


Matthias Steger
Rejuveron Life Sciences


Molecular Machines: 
Better Control of Matter 

The Future of +++ synbio + DNA nanotechnology + self-assembly + computational modeling + molecular 3D printing + molecular pumps, gears, rotos + single-molecule mechanics + molecular manufacturing +++


Adam Marblestone
Schmidt Futures

Yuanning Feng
Foresight Distinguished
Student Award

Yunyan Qiu
Foresight Fellow

Maxim Ziatdinov
Foresight Fellow

Yuxing Yao
California Institute of Technology



James Cooper
Foresight Fellow

Anne-Sophie Duwez
Foresight Feynman Prize

Dr. Larissa von Krbek
Foresight Fellow

Stefan Borsley
Foresight Fellow

Prof. Lee Cronin
 Honorary Fellow

Dionis Minev
Foresight Fellow


Intelligent Cooperation:
Secure Human AI Cooperation

The Future of +++ crypto renaissance + DeSci + zkp’s + NFTs + interchain communication + encryption + structured transparency + computer security + AI DAOs + agoric computing + cognitive AI  +++


Cindy Cohn
Electronic Frontier

Josh Goldbard
Mobile Coin

Peter Norvig

Kate Sills
Foresight Fellow

Jazear Brooks
Foresight Fellow

Christine Webber
Foresight Fellow

Zooko Wilcox
Electric Coin Company

Joscha Bach
Foresight Fellow

Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive

Zaki Manian

Josh Tan
Metagovernance Project

Greg Meredith


Will Zeng
Unitary Fund


Evan Miyazono
Protocol Labs



Silke Elrifai

Martin Lundfall
Ethereum Foundation

Ben Garfinkel
Future of Humanity Insititute

Masha McConaghy
Ocean Protocol

Tom van Cutsem


Philipp Koellinger
DeSci Labs


Existential Hope: 
Neuro, Energy, Space Science 2.0

The Future of +++ fusion + nuclear + satellites + rockets + brain computer interfaces + whole brain emulations + quantum computing + prediction markets + scientific institutions + charter cities + Xhope +++


Chris Kemp

Malcolm Handley
Strong Atomics

Patri Friedman
Pronomos Capital

Alexey Guzey
New Science


Creon Levit
Planet Labs

DR. Randal A. Koene
Carbon Copies

Rachel Slaybaugh
Good Energy Collective

Jaan Tallinn
Skype, FLI, CSER

Christine Peterson
Foresight Institute

Tom Kalil
Schmidt Futures

Robin Hanson
George Mason University

Gaia Dempsey

Adam Brown
Foresight Honorary Fellow


Todd Huffman
E11 Bio


Amir Banifatemi



Allison Duettmann
Foresight Institute

Samo Burja
Bismarck Analysis

Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute

Aleksandra Smilek

Trent McConaghy
Ocean Protocol

Stuart Armstrong
Future of Humanity Institute

More speakers to be announced!


Keynotes on breakthrough visions to advance high impact technologies followed by in-depth breakout discussion will focus on four different innovation areas:

Molecular Machines

Biotech & Health Extension

Intelligent Cooperation





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Sponsored by Tomorrow Biostasis

Sponsored by 100 Plus Capital


Our community is where flourishing futures are born. For the last 35 years, Foresight, based in California, has been gathering and supporting those shaping the edge of science and tech innovation. Molecular nanotechnology, longevity, space development, neurotechnology, or cryptocommerce; name it, we were there for it. Join us as we accelerate progress across disciplines and across the globe.


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