Vision Weekend, Dec 4 & 5:
Across the World (+Cyberspace) & Around the Clock.

Once a year, we invite Foresight’s top fellows, mentors, keynotes, funders, and members to coordinate on the main technology breakthroughs across our biotech, nanotech and computer science working groups. We discuss how to accelerate progress toward beneficial futures, and burst those tech silos to collaborate across disciplines, nations and generations.

Where: This year for the first time, we gather this now international community with hybrid festivities across continents. Join us for a fast-forward dip into flourishing futures across different hubs in San Francisco, a castle in France, or in cyberspace.

When: Saturday and Sunday, December 4 & 5, 2021.



As Associate, you can choose the daytime option to join us for Saturday’s program at the Internet Archive in San Francisco.

As Ally, you are additionally invited to join Saturday’s VIP dinner at a private home in SF, and Sunday’s small group sessions on a ship, and rocket company around SF.



As Associate, you can choose the daytime option to join for Saturday’s program at Chateau du Feÿ, Villecien, France. Located 90 minutes from Paris in the hills of Burgundy, the 17th century Château du Feÿ is a laboratory to experiment with ways of connecting that can be a model for the future. It is a place of possibility, of ground breaking and blueprint making, of bridging worlds and ideas.

As Ally, you are invited to stay two nights at the Chateau, from Friday to Sunday, to enjoy the evening celebrations and Sunday’s focus sessions.

In collaboration with San Francisco parallel event.



This year, a part of Vision Weekend is moving to cyberspace.

Unlocking our next frontier requires global cooperation.

As an Associate, you can choose the virtual option to meet and collaborate with others from around the globe.


Keynotes on breakthrough visions to advance high impact technologies followed by in-depth breakout discussion will focus on four different innovation areas:

Molecular Machines

Biotech & Health Extension

Intelligent Cooperation



Biotech & Health Extension:
Reverse Aging and Improve Cognition

The Future of +++ artificial organs + biohacking + stem cells + biomarkers + gene therapy + blood dilution + diagnostics + senolytics + ML- applications +++

Jose Luis Ricon

Sonia Arrison
100 Plus Capital

Karl Pfleger

Martin Borch Jensen
Gordian Therapeutics

Daniel Ives
Shift Biosciences

Jean Hebert
Albert Einstein School of Medicine

JJ, Ben-Joseph
Foresight Fellow

Molecular Machines:
Better Control of Matter for Energy, Medicine, Space

The Future of +++ synbio + DNA nanotechnology + self-assembly + computational modeling + 3D printing + nano materials + atomic precision +++

Adam Marblestone
Schmidt Futures

Benjamin Reinhardt

Yunyan Qiu
Foresight Fellow

Liang Feng
Foresight Fellow

Intelligent Cooperation:
Decentralized, Secure, Private Human AI Cooperation

The Future of +++ new sovereignties + prediction markets + desci + zkp + NFTs + interchain communication + encryption + computer security + AI DAOs + BCIs +++

Cindy Cohn
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive

Primavera de Filippi

Kate Sills
Foresight Fellow

Christine Lemmer-Webber
Foresight Fellow

Joscha Bach
Foresight Fellow

Jazear Brooks
Foresight Fellow

Mark S. Miller

Existential Hope:
From Neurotech, to Energy, Space, and Scientific Innovation

The Future of +++ foresight +++ fusion + space flight + scientific innovation + whole brain emulation + Xhope +++

Allison Duettmann
Foresight Institute

Alexey Gurzey
New Science

Malcolm Handley

Chris Kemp

Christine Peterson
Foresight Institute

Robin Hanson
George Mason University

Creon Levit
Foresight Senior Fellow

More speakers to be announced!




To get a feeling for what to expect, take a peek at previous years:





Our community is where flourishing futures are born. For the last 35 years, Foresight, based in California, has been gathering and supporting those shaping the edge of science and tech innovation. Molecular nanotechnology, longevity, space development, neurotechnology, or cryptocommerce; name it, we were there for it. Join us as we accelerate progress across disciplines and across the globe.


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