We advocate for change

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Our efforts include public talks, media appearances and interviews:

2016 Princeton’s Envision Conference: Julia delivering closing keynote

Julia Bossmann delivering the closing ceremony keynote address at Princeton’s Envision Conference 2016. Her focus was on how to get people thinking holistically about the vast possibilities and dangers of our future as a result of breakthrough technologies, and inspire them to work on realizing those possibilities and mitigating those dangers. The talk can be accessed here.


2016 Future Forum: Christine on Tech that will Transform your Tomorrow

Christine Peterson delivering the keynote on Nano, Bio and Artificial Intelligence Tech at the 2016 Future Forum. The talk will soon be accessible here. 


2016 Singularity University Global Summit: Christine on Nanotechnology

Christine Peterson on Nanotechnology at the Singularity University Global Summit. SU Global Summit is the definite gathering for those who understand the critical importance of exponential technologies, the impact they’ll have on the future of humanity, and the disruption these technologies will cause across all industries. Other speakers include Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, and Melanie Swan; an unconference component is included as well. 


2016 Interview with Julia on Foresight’s Oath for Scientists

During the show, the organization’s President Julia Bossmann talks about the Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry, which is all about molecular machines and nanotechnology. She talks about how artificial intelligence is being used and the guidelines the White House has set for the future in this space in terms of healthcare and employee. Plus, you don’t want to miss Bossmann’s view of robotics, and the oath she believes we may have to create and make robots take in order to maintain civility in our world. The interview can be accessed here. 



2016 Effective Altruism Global Conference: Christine on Upstream Altruism

Christine Peterson on applying Effective Altruist Principles to early-stage action at the Effective Altruism Global Conference 2016. More information can be found here. 

2016 BIL Oakland: Julia on AI, Christine on How to Make a Difference

Foresight Institute’s President Julia Bossmann spoke on AI and Foresight Co-Founder Christine Peterson spoke on How to Make a Difference at 2016 BIL Oakland. The focus of this event was to help guide participants’ altruistic desires into effective careers that provide means to greatly improve the world. More information can be found here. 


2016 Journey Talks: Julia on AI

Julia Bossmann on a future perspective on AI for non-technical people. The Journey invites speakers to authentically share their stories of triumph, struggle, joy, pain, courage on the path to following their dreams. More information can be found here.   

2016 BIL Los Angeles : Julia on Forecasting

Foresight President Julia Bossmann on the topic “Forecasting or How I stopped worrying about the future and started thinking about the future” at BIL:Los Angeles 2016. More information can be accessed here. 

2016 TEDxEchoPark: Julia on What’s In Store For Us In The Future

Julia Bossmann spoke on Artificial Intelligence at 2016 TEDxEchoPark in Los Angeles. TEDxEchoPark examines the most intriguing Paradigm Shifts unraveling every field; from artificial intelligence to education, from nanotechnology to media, from consciousness to food and many more. More information can be accessed here. 

For talks before 2016 please see our Lectures Library. Examples include:

7th annual SAP CEO summit: Christine on Nanotechnology and Synthetic Biology

Singularity 1 on 1: Christine on Join us to Push the Future into a Positive Direction

Humanity+ Conference: Christine on Writing the Future