1st 'Nano-Biotechnology' collaborative multimedia

Nanopolis writes "The "Exploring Nano-Biotechnology" multimedia encyclopedia, the 4th tome of the Nanopolis e-collaborative series will be worldwide available in March 2006. Containing extremely intuitive multimedia explanations of the concepts, improved analytic techniques, deeper understanding of diseases, deciphering of cellular mechanisms, novel drug development techniques, summary charts show the major players associated with each concept along with the references necessary for further insight. These topics along with other 4000 computer generated films and e-courses from the previous volumes on Synchrotron, Neutrons and Nanotechnology will be accesible through the Nanopolis e-learning platform giving European, American and Asian academic environments access to the largest multimedia educational source on nanoscale science and engineering. Hundreds of world-wide actors contribute to its finalizing through the e-collaborative Nanopolis platform at http://www.nanopolis.net"

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