2 million euros for biomolecular nanomachines

From Physorg.com: “Scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, and from eight other scientific institutions in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Italy have received 2 Million Euro from the European Union for research on “Active Biomimetic Systems”…One long term vision is the construction of nanorobots, which can perform work and other useful tasks in the nano-domain. These tiny robots would have a large impact on many aspects of human life. In medicine, for example, nanorobots could be used for diagnostics on the level of single cells, for drug delivery to specific target cells, and for noninvasive surgery of very small regions of the human body. Likewise, such robots would represent important components for the development of nano-scale manufacturing. This type of manufacturing seems rather appealing in order to assemble distinct molecular components into integrated nanosystems with a complex supramolecular architecture.”

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