2017 Foresight Fellows Announced in Molecular Machines, Space, Longevity, Artificial Intelligence

Congratulations Foresight Fellows 2017!

The Foresight Fellowship is an exclusive one year supportive program committed to giving change-makers the support and mentorship to accelerate their bold ideas into the future. 

We invite people who care about improving the state of the world and have the courage to follow their own path. We encourage those who are working on technologies that have massive potential for the future – Especially if this technology is relatively undervalued in the media, and not blindly followed by the hype.

Our mission is to catalyze collaboration among leading young scientists, engineers, and innovators who are working on emerging new technologies that have the power to transform society. Since 1993 Foresight Institute has been rewarding those who are making strides in the field of Nanotechnology with the Feynman Prize. In 2016, one of our former Feynman Prize winners, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work with molecular machines. Foresight Institute recognizes that providing a strong network and knowledge base for new fellows to access will accelerate their missions and reflect our goals to further support those making important strides in a variety of fields.

While working full-time in their field, fellows can participate in scheduled events in the San Francisco Bay Area, or join us online for meetings that will inform, inspire and support their goals. During the 1 year program, Fellows will be invited to engage in events, connect to fellows and mentors, and increase their skills to succeed with their endeavors.

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