2022 Foresight Fellowship Application

Apply to become a Foresight Fellow.

The deadline for the second round of applications is November 1st, 2021.

About the Fellowship:

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The Foresight Fellowship is meant to accelerate the work of innovators who are building positive futures for life and our biosphere. Whether in Academia, in a private lab, doing independent research, or in a start-up – if you are advancing breakthrough technologies and working on something crucial for our future we want to support you.

The Foresight Fellowship is an exclusive one-year supportive program committed to giving change-makers the support and mentorship to accelerate their bold ideas into the future while they continue to work in their existing career.

During the one-year program, fellows will engage in Foresight’s virtual groups, receive travel-paid invites to relevant in-person meetings, connect with fellows, alumni and mentors, get featured in our media channels, and increase their skills. We will work hand in hand with you to find the optimal way to support you and your work.

Foresight fellows are selected to be part of a tight core that rapidly advances 1. biotech for rejuvenation, 2. molecular machines for better matter, and 3. cs/crypto/ml for human ai cooperation

  • Individual career advancement via 1-1 mentorship with leading relevant technical experts, funders, institutional allies + monthly call with Foresight staff to discuss new opportunities
  • Travel-paid in-person workshop with mentors, fellows and funders + annual member gathering across our biotech, nanotech cs groups
  • Professional and public visibility via keynote presentation, disseminated on Youtube and podcast series to Foresight futurist sci-tech community (15k mailing list subscribers, 10k Youtube subscribers)
  • Integration into long-term Foresight fellowship network (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 cohorts, honorary fellows)

Fellowship Tracks:

We receive applications in the following categories:

Molecular Machines

You work to make Feynman’s vision of nanotechnology real; you’re interested in applying your scientific discoveries for challenges in energy, medicine, materials science, or you’re focused on spurring long-term foundational progress toward atomically precise control of matter.

Health Extension

You work to allow humans reach escape velocity in longevity; you’re focused on a hallmark of aging, on expanding the entire paradigm, on biomarkers to track progress, on applying ML to the field, on new rejuvenation approaches, or on improving plan B options in biostasis. We’re interested in supporting enhancement and neurotech, too.

Computer Science:
Intelligent Cooperation

You work to secure and improve cooperation across human (and other) intelligences; you use innovations in computer science, cryptography, ML to prevent violence, improve existing cooperation architectures, create decentralized, private, alternatives, or expand crypto commerce to include AI services in a secure manner.

Existential Hope

A group of aligned minds who cooperate to build beautiful futures from a high-stakes time in human civilization by catalyzing knowledge around potential paths to get there and how to plug in. Meetings are private and may be off the record. Those that are recorded can be found in our seminar summaries page.

About Foresight Institute:

Foresight Institute advances technologies of fundamental importance to the long-term future of life and the biosphere, focusing on molecular machine nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer science. We reward excellence, restrain recklessness, and create community to promote beneficial uses of these technologies and reduce misuse and accidents potentially associated with them.

We catalyze collaboration among leading young scientists, engineers, and innovators working on technologies that have the power to transform society. We provide a strong network and knowledge base for new fellows to access, to accelerate their missions and further support those making important strides in a variety of fields.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

Go to https://foresight.org for more information on Foresight and our previous fellowship programs.

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Contact [email protected] for any questions regarding this fellowship.