2 Questions on Nanopart Assembly

brettl writes "Following a discussion with nanodot users last week, I have some specific questions about the creation of nanoscale components that would have to be synthesized to create a nanofactory. I would like to use the example of Drexler's diamandoid bearing."

brettl continues:

Question 1: How will the partially assembled bearing be held in a fixed position in order to add atoms to it? Would a "velcro floor" of atoms that form less powerful bonds be used while assembly is taking place?

Question 2: Is there a reason why a "printer approach" would not be ideal? I'm thinking of a nanoscale version of the modified inkjets that are being tested for synthetic organ construction. Aren't those adding a layer to a 3 dimensional object? Isn't this (admittedly at smaller scale w/ greater accuracy) what nanotech is looking to do?

Please share your views on these AND/OR whether this seems the appropriate forum for these newbie questions.

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