$42 million for active nanostructures and nanosystems

Foresight Participating Member Mark Sims of Nanorex brings our attention to this NSF solicitation on Active Nanostuctures and Nanosystems, with proposals due November 29, so get going on this now (emphasis added):

“Examples of active nanostructures are nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), nanomachines, self-healing materials, nanobiodevices, transistors, amplifiers, targeted drugs and chemicals, actuators, molecular machines, light-driven molecular motors, plasmonics, nanoscale fluidics, laser-emitting devices, adaptive nanostructures, energy storage devices, and sensors changing their state during operation…

“Nanosystems may be created by various syntheses and assembling techniques such as a combination of molecular assembling and top-down miniaturization techniques, bio-assembling, networking at the nanoscale and multiscale and hierarchical architectures, robotics on surfaces, modular nanosystems, chemo-mechanical processing of molecular assemblies, and quantum interactions…

“Other examples are robotic systems with emerging behavior, evolutionary systems, regenerative medicine, modified viruses and bacteria, and brain prostheses.”

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