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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Work of
Alex Arce and Ivy Kwan

Contact Information:

Mail Address:   Arce + Kwan, Inc.
181 Mott St.
New York, NY 10012
E-Mail Address:   alex@arcekwan.com
Telephone:   212-625-9500
FAX:   212-625-9392
URL:   http://www.arcekwan.com

Biographical and Professional Information:

Arce + Kwan is a professional design, illustration, and animation firm. The team won the 1997 Professional Second Place Award for their environmentally-sensitive and inventive entry "Cat litter box" in the International Design Resource Awards competition, and the Ivy Kwan Gallery on Manhattan is a well-known local art gallery.

Exhibits at the Nanomedicine Art Gallery:

Image #154
Artery Cleaner II

Image #155
Ciliary Assembly

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