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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Work of
Jane Fallows

Contact Information:

Mail Address:   London, U.K.
E-Mail Address:   jane@med-illustration.demon.co.uk
Telephone:   0181-998-0426

Biographical and Professional Information:

Jane Fallows is a medical illustrator for The Lancet, a prestigious U.K.-based international medical journal. Her illustrations have also appeared in books such as Molecular Biology in Medicine (Timothy M. Cox, John Sinclair, eds, Blackwell Science, Oxford, 1997). She has served as Programme Leader and Tutor (1999-2000) for the B.Sc. Degree in Medical Illustration offered by the Institute of Medical Illustrators at the Glasgow Caledonian University. A conference photo of Ms. Fallows is available online.

Exhibits at the Nanomedicine Art Gallery:

Image #163
Artery Cleaner IV

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