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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Work of
Vik Olliver

Contact Information:

Mail Address:   72 Warner Park Ave.
Laingholm, Waitakere, New Zealand
E-Mail Address:   vik@asi.org
URL:   http://olliver.family.gen.nz/viks_art.html

Biographical and Professional Information:

Vik creates 3D models and animations, mostly of nanotechnology and space scenes. His work is used to both illustrate future concepts to the uninitiated, and as a serious tool to assist engineers in such fields as satellite design. Vik tends to use the freeware POVray modelling tool as it combines extremely high quality raytracing with a very flexible scripting language.

Vik works on an ever-increasing cluster of PCs at his home in New Zealand's Waitakere rainforest, which is always undergoing improvements and always seems to need a few more. Occasionally he gets to enjoy quality time with his wife and two daughters.

See biography at http://olliver.family.gen.nz/resume.htm

Exhibits at the Nanomedicine Art Gallery:

Image #126
Blue Respirocyte

Image #127
Resp. with Red Cells

Image #129
Respirocyte Closeup

Image #130
Respirocytes in Artery

Image #165

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