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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Work of
Natasha Vita-More

Contact Information:

Mail Address:   Natasha Vita-More
Founder, Transhumanist Arts
Natasha Vita-More Projects
4201 Via Marina, #69, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
E-Mail Address:   natasha@natasha.cc
Telephone:   310-306-3129
FAX:   310-306-3129
URL:   http://www.natasha.cc

Biographical and Professional Information:

Natasha Vita-More, artist, author and cultural catalyst, has exhibited at Brooks Memorial Museum, Telluride Film Festival, Women In Video, United States Film Festival, and London Contemporary Museum. Her most recent project "Primo 3M+ 2001" future physique 3D design (in collaboration with a world-renowned scientific team) is a fun-filled and highly informative ride onto the nanotrends of our culture. Vita-More has been featured in BBC documentaries, Dateline, PBS ("Fountain of Youth"), TLC ("Future Fantastic"), Discovery ("Science of Beauty"), appeared on national talk shows, and featured in Wired, New York Times, Stern, LA Weekly, Wall Street Journal, Shift, Mean Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. Vita-More is founder of Transhumanist Arts (1983) and author of the Extropic Art Manifesto (1997), now travelling onboard Cassini Huygens spacecraft's Saturn mission. She is the author of Create/Recreate: the 3rd Millennial Culture about our transhuman culture and currently writing No Time to Die about radical cultural shifts and ideological splits facing superlongevity and aesthetics in our highly technological future.

Exhibits at the Nanomedicine Art Gallery:

Image #171
Primo 3M+

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