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Image 105
Cell Repair Machines III

Image 105      
Title:   Cell Repair Machines III  
Date:   1988  
Artist(s):   Brian Wowk  
Image Size:   70,678 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   800 X 628 pixels    
Image Palette:   Black & White    
Image Description:   Mature nanotechnology will mean an ability to routinely design and build machines as intricate as our cells from scratch. A natural consequence of this level of technology will be the ability to analyze and repair the human body as completely and effectively as we can repair any conventional machine today. Nanotechnology will mean no more guesswork, uncertain cures, or untreatable organic conditions; medicine will finally be equal to the task of understanding and controlling the body in terms of its most fundamental machine components — atoms and molecules.

Future medicine will attain this degree of understanding and control through cell repair systems — microscopic devices able to roam throughout cells and tissues diagnosing and repairing problems at the cellular and molecular levels.

This image shows a cell repair unit using cilia for propulsion and equipped with a nanocomputer having 10 megabytes of fast RAM and 1 gigabyte of slower-access memory. The unit is extending 1000 individually-controlled molecular manipulators.
Copyright Info:   © Copyright 1988 by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. For reprint permission, please contact fred@alcor.org or the Alcor Life Extension Foundation at 7895 E. Acoma Drive, #110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6916, Tel. 1-800-367-2228.
Print Source(s):   Brian Wowk, "Cell Repair Technology," Cryonics Magazine, July 1988; Alcor Foundation Reprint, pp. 7, 10.
Online Source(s):   None

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