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Image 110
Nanotechnology Playhouse I

Image 110      
Title:   Nanotechnology Playhouse I  
Date:   1993  
Artist(s):   Unknown  
Image Size:   231,178 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   719 X 718 pixels    
Image Palette:   Black & White    
Image Description:  

An all-purpose disease-fighting nanomachine might take the form of a miniature submarine that would navigate its way through the bloodstream. In that submarine would be a powerful nanocomputer. This computer would be programmed to seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms. Sensor devices attached to the submarine would examine all objects it encountered, studying their shapes and surface molecules, and comparing them with a database of known disease organisms stored in the computer's memory banks. When a pathogen is encountered, it could be destroyed, broken down into its molecular building blocks.

The original caption for this image reads: "A molecular surgeon's knife at work. Painless and worry-free."

Copyright Info:   © Copyright 1993 by The Waite Group, Inc. For reprint permission, please contact Waite Group Press, 200 Tamal Plaza, Corte Madera, CA 94925.
Print Source(s):   Christopher Lampton, Nanotechnology Playhouse: Building Machines from Atoms, Waite Group Press, Corte Madera, CA, 1993, page 18 (Figure 2-2).
Online Source(s):   None

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