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Image 116
Cell Repair Machines VI

Image 116      
Title:   Cell Repair Machines VI  
Date:   1993  
Artist(s):   Michael G. Darwin  
Image Size:   65,144 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   774 X 534 pixels    
Image Palette:   Black & White    
Image Description:   Computing technology is now entering a new era of miniaturization, as engineers begin to design and assemble computers employing molecule-scale components. At the limits of this technology lie entire computers that will be smaller than cells and yet have the computing capacity of today's large mainframes. Future medical microorganisms incorporating these molecular-scale computers, or nanocomputers, as part of their structure will be able to perform extremely sophisticated biological repairs. Since these artificial organisms will be so unlike any in nature today, we will probably think of them as microscopic machines rather than as organisms. We could call them cell repair devices.

This image is a conceptual drawing of a nanotechnological-derived cell repair device. This scenario for repair calls for repair devices engineered to atomic precision which will have a complete or nearly complete ability to characterize and order biological matter at the molecular, cellular, and tissue level.
Copyright Info:   © Copyright 1993 by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. For reprint permission, please contact fred@alcor.org or the Alcor Life Extension Foundation at 7895 E. Acoma Drive, #110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6916, Tel. 1-800-367-2228.
Print Source(s):   Cryonics: Reaching for Tomorrow, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Tucson, AZ, December 1993, 1998, page 23. Based closely on images in the original source: Michael G. Darwin, "The Anabolocyte: A Biological Approach to Repairing Cryoinjury," Life Extension Magazine: A Journal of the Life Extension Sciences 1(July/August 1977):80-83.
Online Source(s):   None.

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