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Image 127
Respirocytes with Red Cells

Image 127      
Title:   Respirocytes with Red Cells  
Date:   1998  
Artist(s):   Vik Olliver  
Image Size:   120,587 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   512 X 384 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Description:  

Two respirocytes with a more uniform surface rotor and sensor layout are shown passing through a narrow artery, in the company of several nearby red blood cells.

Copyright Info:   ©Copyright 1998 by Vik Olliver. For reprint permission, please contact Vik Olliver at vik@asi.org. The Respirocyte was conceived and designed by Robert A. Freitas Jr., whose permission is also required.
Print Source(s):   None
Online Source(s):   http://olliver.penguinpowered.com/viks_art.html

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