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Image 150
Toward the Breach

Image 150      
Title:   Toward the Breach  
Date:   1997  
Artist(s):   Erik Viktor  
Image Size:   7,597 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   150 X 222 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Size:   13,389 bytes   [ALTERNATE IMAGE]
Image Dimensions:   148 X 200 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Size:   27,637 bytes   [BEST ALTERNATE IMAGE]
Image Dimensions:   237 X 340 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Description:  

Cylindrical nanorobots in the bloodstream hurry to the site of a vascular breach to begin repairs.

Copyright Info:   © Copyright 1997 by Erik Viktor. For reprint permission, please contact Erik Viktor.
Print Source(s):   None.
Online Source(s):   http://www.cbc4kids.ca/general/time/millennium/predictions.html

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