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Image 173
Dockbots I

Image 173      
Title:   Dockbots I  
Date:   2001  
Artist(s):   Tim Fonseca  
Image Size:   69,516 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   640 X 480 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Description:   Nanorobots (shown in light green and blue) adhered to blood vessel walls incorporate a hollow tip projecting out into the vascular lumen, allowing other passing nanorobots (shown as spheres in dark green) to dock with them and exchange information or materials. Notice to Commercial Publishers: The artist Tim Fonseca requires the payment of a non-negotiable $200 fee for each usage of any of his images, for publication.
Copyright Info:   © Copyright 1999 by Tim Fonseca. For usage rights, please contact the artist Tim Fonseca at email: fonsecatimclassicalarts@gmail.com.
Print Source(s):   None
Online Source(s):   None

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