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Image 181

Image 181      
Title:   Microbivores  
Date:   2001  
Artist(s):   Forrest Bishop  
Image Size:   11,139 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   133 X 134 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Size:   226,318 bytes   [CLICK to download]
Image Dimensions:   982 X 794 pixels    
Image Palette:   Color    
Image Description:  

The microbivore, an artificial white cell, floats along in the bloodstream prior to encountering a pathogen. The nanorobot is about 3 microns in size. In this image, the binding site arrays appear as multicolored circular dapples on the blue sapphire-colored surface. The mouth of the nanorobot is open, and a few of the telescoping grapple arms are extended from the visible surface of the device.

Copyright Info:   © Copyright 2001 by Zyvex Corp. For reprint permission, please contact Katharine Green, Director of Corporate Communications, Zyvex Corp., 1321 North Plano Road, Richardson, TX 75081, Tel. 972-235-7881. The microbivore was conceived and designed by Robert A. Freitas Jr., whose permission is also required.
Print Source(s):   Robert A. Freitas Jr., "Robots in the bloodstream: the promise of nanomedicine," Pathways, The Novartis Journal 2(October-December 2001):36-41
Online Source(s):   None.

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