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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Artificial Blood and Respiration

contributed by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2000, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.
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Medical nanorobots can be employed as artificial oxygen carriers in the blood (see Respirocytes), thus assisting and extending normal human respiratory capacities.

Image #122
Six Tumbling Respirocytes

Image #123
Pumping Station

Image #124
Respirocyte Equatorial

Image #125
Respirocyte Polar

Image #126
Blue Respirocyte

Image #127
Resp. with Red Cells

Image #128
Three Respirocytes

Image #129
Respirocyte Closeup

Image #130
Respirocytes in Artery

Image #136
Defective Respirocyte

Image #137
Sensor Closeup

Image #138
One Respirocyte

Image #139
Four Respirocytes

Image #140
Resp. and RBC

Image #141
Respirocytes in Blood Vessel

Image #152
Lung Cleaners

Image #172
Respirocytes in Blood

Image #200
Lung Nanorobots I

Image #201
Lung Nanorobots II

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