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Nanomedicine Art Gallery

contributed by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

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"The extraordinary medical prospects ahead of us have renewed interest in a proposal made long ago: that the dying patient could be frozen, then stored at the temperature of liquid nitrogen for decades or even centuries until the necessary medical technology to restore health is developed. Called cryonics, this service is now available from several companies. Because final proof that this will work must wait until after we have developed a medical technology based on the foundation of a mature nanotechnology, the procedure is experimental. We cannot prove today that medical technology will (or will not) be able to reverse freezing injury 100 years from now. But given the wonderful advances that we see coming, it seems likely that we should be able to reverse freezing injury — especially when that injury is minimized by the rapid introduction through the vascular system of cryoprotectants and other chemicals to cushion the tissues against further injury." (Nanomedicine, Volume I, p. 379)

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