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Nanomedicine Art Gallery
Viral Infection

contributed by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

© Copyright 2001-2002, Robert A. Freitas Jr.
All rights reserved.
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Medical nanorobots could navigate through the bloodstream or tissues, searching for known viral pathogens, and, after detection, rapidly and efficiently disposing of them. Tissue cells already infected with viral genetic material may require DNA repair machines or, in some cases, induction of apoptosis.

Image #108
DNA Repair Machines

Image #109
Immune Machines

Image #111
Nanotech. Playhouse II

Image #119
Molecular Machines

Image #151
Conceptual Nanobots

Image #164
Virus Finders

Image #165

Image #181

Image #182
Pathogen Rustler

Image #197
Microbivores II

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