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Submissions by Visitors - Kancheva 3

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  Title:   Kancheva 3  
  Date Submitted:   January 2001  
  Submitted by:   Anna Kancheva  
  Copyright:   Anna Kancheva  

Comments by the Submittor:

I am an artist and I am very inspired by the ideas of nanotechnology.

I like the art in your art gallery. It's very impressive.

Here is an example of my work. I wanted to make the nanomachines as natural and beautiful and alive in their own way as possible.

All the nanomachines look just like spaceships, like machines though, which is one way of doing things.

I've tried to show we can make them look pure and natural and that they will be pure and natural.

I like the idea of freezing people in liquid nitrogen. That's why my painting is in blue -- cold ice-like and the cell repair machines on their first day to work.

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