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    1999 Foresight Gathering Leaping the Abyss - Contents

Foresight "Group Genius" Weekend

Leaping the Abyss:

Putting Group Genius to Work



Test Readers

Our secret weapon: test readers to whom we could turn, knowing we would get merciless and insightful criticism, as well as useful and creative suggestions for improvements. We wanted to write a book that would be useful to our friends, and anyone working on challenging projects. You made sure we did it:

Christopher Allen, Mindy Bokser, James CastroLang, Stephanie Corchnoy, Allan Drexler, Cay Drexler, Marie-Louise Kagan, Judy Merkle, Chip Morningstar, David J. Ross, Heidi Ross, E. Dean Tribble, Linda Vetter.


DesignShop Specialists

You took us inside your world of Key Facilitators and Knowledge Workers, of the Creative Process Cycle, and time traveling into the future. You were our exemplars of creative and cooperative teamwork. You shared with us the insights that you've gathered over several hundred years of combined experience in bringing people to their maximums and solving their problems.

It is said that you have to experience a DesignShop event to truly understand it: you've got to get on the boat and take the ride, not just hear about it. This is correct. But if we've succeeded in giving people even a hint of what the experience is about, it's because you helped us explain the unexplainable:

Kelvy Bird, Bill Blackburn, R.K. Bruce, Jr., Doug Cantrell, Bryan Coffman, Rob Evans, Jon Foley, Christopher Fuller, Pat Gibson, Frances Gillard, Todd Johnston, Gunner Kaersvang, Patsy Kahoe, Michael Kaufman, Scott Kjelgaard, Lisa Piazza, Chip Saltsman, Gail Taylor, Matt Taylor, Robert Taylor, Amelia Thornton.


Experienced Sponsors and Participants

First, they had the insight and courage to take their companies through DesignShop events and transformation. Then, they had the courage and heart to share their stories with us. When we demanded to know if this process really worked and where it failed, they unflinchingly gave us the inside view of the journey including the good and the bad, the troubles and the triumphs:

Bill Espinosa, Larry Ford, Lynn Galida, Ralph Graham, Keith Kushman, Greg "Deacon" Lewis, Elsa Porter, John Poparad II, Col. Bill Rutley, Lee Sage, Garry Singleton, Gary Strack, Jack Yurish, Jerry Wind.


Special Thanks

To Bryan Coffman who designed and wrote the exercises that follow each chapter and for the weblinks that he and Jay Smethurst added to enrich the text, to Chip Saltsman for comments, quotes, and feedback above and beyond the call of duty, to Jolynn Steffan for layout and editing labors, to Judy Hill for proofing punctiliously, to Pat Gibson for the massive transcription work intelligently and artistically done, to Patsy Kahoe for coordinating MG Taylor's immense assistance, to Sheryl Corchnoy for her assistance with our organization as authors, to Peter Durand and Christopher Fuller for their artwork that captures the emotion and essence of the DesignShop ride, and to Christopher for also contributing the cover design of the book.

To Matt Taylor and Gail Taylor for letting us rummage around through their life's work and harass them with endless questions about what, how, why, where, and "what do you mean by that?"

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Leaping the Abyss - Table of Contents


1999 Foresight Gathering

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