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Foresight "Group Genius" Weekend

Leaping the Abyss:

Putting Group Genius to Work


An axiom cannot be proven to be true: it simply is. The value of an axiom is found only by discovery -- through applying it to real situations.

  • The future is rational only in hindsight.
  • You can't get THERE from HERE; but you can get HERE from THERE.
  • Discovering you don't know something is the first step to knowing it.
  • Everything that someone tells you is true. They are reporting their experience of reality.
  • To argue with someone else's experience is a waste of time.
  • To add someone's experience to your experience, to create a new experience, is possibly valuable.
  • The only valid test of an idea, concept or theory is what it enables you to do.
  • You understand the instructions only after you have assembled the red wagon.
  • If you can't have fun with the problem, you will never solve it.
  • Every individual in this room already possesses an answer.
  • The purpose of this intensive interaction is to stimulate one, several or all of us to remember and extract what we already know.
  • Creativity is the process of eliminating options.
  • In every adverse condition, there are hundreds of good solutions.
  • You fail until you succeed.
  • Nothing fails like success.

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