AAAS meeting in SF highlights nanotechnology

from the see-you-there! dept.
Senior Associate AlisonChaiken writes "The upcoming 2001 American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting will prominently feature a Nanotechnology Seminar. Among the speakers at this seminar will be Foresight friend James Ellenbogen [and Feynman Prize winner Phaedon Avouris –CP]. The meeting will be held in San Francisco from February 15th through 20th within easy reach of public transit. For those not familiar with AAAS, it is the organization that publishes the important journal Science that is so often referred to here on Nanodot. AAAS meetings tend to have layperson-friendly interdisciplinary talks on wide-ranging topics, particularly those that impact public policy — not unlike Foresight fall meetings, but ten times larger." CP: Foresight hopes to have a table at this meeting, thanks to Alison's prompting.

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