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Adam Brown

I’m a theoretical physicist at Stanford, interested in early universe cosmology, inflation, black holes, and assorted other topics. My academic papers can be found on the arXiv…



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Richard Mallah

Richard is Director of AI Projects at emerging technology beneficence nonprofit Future of Life Institute, aiming to keep AI robust and beneficial to humankind.

He is also an advisor to other startups, nonprofits/NGOs, and the public sector globally, where he advises on AI, AI safety, AI policy, AI ethics, knowledge management, and sustainability…

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Prof. Lee Cronin

Lee Cronin was born in the UK and was fascinated with science and technology from an early age getting his first computer and chemistry set when he was 8 years old. This is when he first started thinking about programming chemistry and looking for inorganic aliens. He went to the University of York where he completed both…



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Dr. Karl Pfleger, PhD

Karl Pfleger, PhD (Stanford CS, Machine Learning) now focuses on aging & longevity after a successful tech career (mySimon, Google). A long-time donor to the Buck Institute and SENS Foundation…



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Professor David A Leigh

David Leigh is a scientist who designs and synthesises artificial molecular motors and machines from first principles. He has made a number of notable contributions to the field, including the use of light-sensitive molecules to make small droplets of liquid move uphill. David also developed a tiny molecular machine that mirrors the function of the ribosome, the protein factory of our cells.

His pioneering work has significantly improved the future…


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Zooko Wilcox

Zooko Wilcox is the founder and CEO of the Electric Coin Company. He is one of the original cypherpunks. Zooko is a long-serving technologist and entrepreneur. His experience spans open, decentralized systems; cryptography; information security; and startups. In more than 25 years in the industry, Zooko has contributed to an array of projects — many of which champion privacy implementations — including…



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Chiara Marletto

Chiara Marletto is a Research Fellow working at the Physics Department, University of Oxford. Within Wolfson, she is an active member of the Quantum Cluster and of the New Frontiers Quantum Hub. 

Her research is in theoretical physics, with special emphasis on Quantum Theory of Computation, Information Theory, Thermodynamics…

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Morgan Levine, PhD

Morgan Levine is a ladder-rank Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at the Yale School of Medicine and a member of both the Yale Combined Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, and the Yale Center for …



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Robin D Hanson

Robin Hanson is associate professor of economics at George Mason University, and research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He has a doctorate in social science from California Institute of Technology, master’s degrees in physics and philosophy from the University of Chicago, and nine years experience as a research programmer, at Lockheed and NASA…



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Gregory M. Fahy, Ph.D.

-Designed and led the TRIIM trial; Published the first report of thymus regeneration in a normal human; Granted patents on methods for and applications of human thymus regeneration

–Fellow of the American Aging Association (since 2005), Former Director of the American Aging Association…



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Mark S. Miller, Ph.D.

Mark S. Miller, Chief Scientist at Agoric, is a pioneer of agoric (market-based secure distributed) computing and smart contracts, the main designer of the E and Dr. SES distributed persistent object-capability programming languages, inventor of Miller Columns, an architect of the Xanadu hypertext …



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Martin Edelstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Edelstein is a Non-executive board member for Agua Via Ltd., serving as science advisor to the board. He is a founding member and CTO of Covalent Industrial Technologies, LLC which develops bottom-up nanotechnology-based products for environmental and medical markets. Prior to founding Covalent Martin was …



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Christine L. Peterson

Christine Peterson is Co-founder and former President of Foresight Institute. She lectures and writes about nanotechnology, AI, and longevity. Christine co-facilitates Foresight’s technical competitions and Feynman Prizes in Nanotechnology. She is co-author of Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution …



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Samo Burja

Samo Burja is the Founder and President of Bismarck Analysis, a political risk consulting firm based in San Francisco that specializes in institutional analysis for clients in North America and Europe. Bismarck uses the foundational sociological research that Samo and his team have conducted over the past decade to deliver …



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Anders Sandberg

Anders Sandberg has a background in computer science and neuroscience, but is since 2006 a member of the Faculty of Philosophy at University of Oxford. There, at the Future of Humanity Institute, he investigates management of low-probability high-impact risks, estimating the capabilities of future technologies …



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Creon Levit

Since 2015 Creon has worked at Planet Labs, where he is the Chief Technologist, Director or R&D, and a Planet Fellow. Prior to that, he worked at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, where he was one of the founders of the NAS (NASA Advanced Supercomputing) division, co-PI on the Virtual Wind…



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Rob Meagley, Ph.D.

Dr. Meagley is presently CEO, CTO and resident “Mad Scientist” at ONE Nanotechnologies, a company founded to invent, develop and market photonic nanodevices and device arrays for biomarker characterization and related technology. Prior to forming ONE Nanotechnologies and following post-doctoral research at …



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Brad Templeton

Brad Templeton is currently chair of Computing & Networks at Singularity University, and Chairman Emeritus and futurist of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the leading cyberspace civil rights foundation. He advised Google’s team developing self-driving cars, and writes about such cars at He also advises Starship on delivery robots and…



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