Act today to nominate undergraduate aging research project for $1.5 M award

Whether you are an American Express cardholder or not, you can vote for an innovative effort to inspire undergraduates to strive for fundamental advances in our ability to control the aging process. An Email this morning from David Gobel, Chief Executive Officer of the Methuselah Fund, said the project had 1200 nominations. I just checked and the number is now 1464. Keep the momentum building! From David Gobel:

Hi – We are at 1200 nominations to be in the running for the $1.5 million American Express Challenge Undergrads Fighting Age Related Disease researcher scholarships this morning 🙂

I believe we’ll need to have another 1,000 nominations over the next 4 days, and that this is absolutely doable. Now that we are solidly in the running, what can we do to dramatically improve our position? It’s totally important to note that of ALL the projects, ours is by far the most commented upon which counts heavily in the final selection.

From Aubrey de Grey

Calling All Who Support Extending Healthy Life….

Methuselah Foundation needs your help now – we are supporting a project named “Undergrads Fighting Age Related Disease” which has been submitted as part of the American Express Members Project initiative.

To advance this critical project please go to

We need to get only 1,000 more votes in the next 4 days (by Sept 1, 2008) so please support your cause and vote now. Here are the instructions.

1. Go to:
2. Log in either as an Amex Card Member or as a Guest Member on the top right side (any US resident can vote)
3. Complete the Registration Form, which will give you your login ID
4. Click the Nominate button at: and post a supportive comment

Aubrey de Grey
Chief Science Officer and Chairman
Methuselah Foundation

Don’t forget to add your own supportive comment. Although the project is not about nanotechnology, it is likely that nanotechnology will play a part in some of the approaches that will be researched. Plus the value of involving bright undergraduates in interdisciplinary efforts to tackle challenging and important problems is immense. For the many challenges that lie ahead, we need all the brilliant, creative researchers we can get.

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