An animated simulation of a respirocyte

Lawrence Fields and Jillian Rose write "This is our entry for the [2002 IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology], under the category of "simulation".

The URL below leads to the entry webpage for our respirocyte animation: pirocyte01.htm

To see the quicktime movie, just click on the "click here" text near the top of the page (please note you need Quicktime 5 to view the movie).

The respirocyte, designed by Robert Freitas, is a proposed artificial red blood cell (RBC) which would be injected into the bloodstream. Respirocytes would actively intake oxygen in the lungs and release it in the capillaries, then absorb carbon dioxide before releasing it in the lungs. By working much more efficiently than the body's own RBC's, they would help keep a patient's tissues alive after emergencies which compromise lung function, or other situations of low blood oxygen levels.

The animation was created by Phlesch Bubble Prods. for a PBS documentary about the future of humanity entitled "Beyond Human" (produced by Thomas Lucas Productions)."

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