Article on nanodentistry by R.A. Freitas in JADA

from the oral-robots dept.
An article by Robert A Freitas Jr., author of Nanomedicine, on the potential applications of advanced nanotechnology to dental care, appeared in the November 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). That article is now available from the JADA website. To access the article, click on the link for Archives, and choose the options for the November 2000 issue. In the listing of the issues contents, choose the Nanodentistry article. The article is available as either a HTML web page or an Acrobat PDF file.

A commentary by Titus L. Schleyer, DMD, chair of the department of dental informatics at Temple University in Philadelphia, is also available.

The JADA content will only be available through the end of 2001; thereafter, it requires a subscription for access.

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