Asia likely to lead in longer-term nanotechnology manufacturing

The Korea Herald carries a story on a forum in Korea on “Revolutionary Advanced Technology and Future Urbanism”. Researcher Eric Drexler explained the goals of nanotech software firm Nanorex and his views of US/Asia competition in productive nanosystems:

Nanorex is still developing products that are expected to be available later this year…The idea is to have it widely used because it’s provided free and other companies can plug in other technologies to the software. We hope to offer a platform for molecular sciences and engineering by providing tools [for] molecular machinery and productive nanosystems…

The United States is not interested in this new manufacturing process that will change the world. It would be more likely for a country in Asia that understands manufacturing to become a leader of nanotechnology…I hope to see Korean manufacturers having the ability and perspective to move forward in this direction.

It was only a matter of time before this perspective on Asia, not uncommon among observers of the field, started to get more publicity. A distressing message for Americans to hear — and Europeans also, if they are paying attention — but perhaps it will have an impact. —Christine

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