"Atomic Switch" coming from Masakazu Aono

Longtime Foresight readers will remember Masakazu Aono from his pioneering Atomcraft Project started in 1989. Now he’s working on “Atomic Electronics” based on an “Atomic Switch”; see the report in today’s Japan Nanonet Bulletin. This is interesting, but we were more excited by the earlier bottom-up fabrication work. Dr. Aono has some advice:

“Researchers should do attractive and unique studies which other people want to follow. They should not aim to be the best but to be the only ones. If the results of your unique research are appraised highly by others, you will not be able to forget such an exciting feeling.” Now, he wants to study an unexplored area of biotechnology. Prof. Aono says, “I want to study thoroughly the slick exchange mechanisms of signals among biological materials using a STM with at least 1,000 probe-tips. My ultimate goal is to create a new paradigm in the computation field based on my research in such an area.”

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