AZoNano Online Journal

The AZoNano Online Journal of Nanotechnology

The Online Journal of Nanotechnology is based on a free access publishing model, coupled with what is believed to be a unique development in the field of scientific publishing — the distribution of journal revenue between the authors, peer reviewers and site operators.

The revenue received from the journal related advertising and sponsorship will be distributed according to the following general criteria: – Authors receive a revenue share of 50%, – Peer reviewers receive a revenue share of 20%, – The site administrators receive a revenue share of 30%, – This revenue share will apply throughout the online published life of the individual article or paper.

The Online Journal of Nanotechnology will publish high quality articles and papers on all aspects of nanotechnology and related scientific, social and ethical issues. All the contributions will be reviewed by a world class panel of founding editors who are experts in a wide spectrum of nanotechnology science.

Journal papers will benefit from being hosted on the website and database platform as they will take advantage of existing search tools and be available to a monthly audience of over 130,000 visitor sessions. The unique AZoNano search tools also make it very easy for site visitors to locate nanotech information that relates directly to their research areas, applications and industrial sectors.

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