Bayh-Dole & Nanotechnology: corporate corruption of U.S. higher education

In the journal Nanotechnology Law & Business, there’s a book review by J. Steven Rutt of Foley & Lardner titled “Bayh-Dole and Nanotechnology: A Review of University Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of American Higher Education”. The abstract:

“Nanotechnology joined the Dummies book series in 2005.  While Dummies is a light read, Jennifer Washburn’s grave book, University Inc., the Corruption of American Higher Education makes the reader step back and think deeply about the direction of technology development.  In fact, Washburn’s book rises to the level of a must-read for anyone working regularly in nanotechnology.  For those at the corporate-university interface, working under the Bayh-Dole technology transfer framework is an essential element of nanotechnology development.  That Bayh-Dole is now experiencing a 25 year birthday celebration makes Washburn’s book particularly timely.  In this review,  J. Steven Rutt examines whether, for nanotechnology, Bayh-Dole constitutes smart policy flowing from useful dreams, or whether Bayh-Dole requires coming to terms with stupidity for inspiring misconduct and hindering innovation as Washburn suggests.”

A must-read indeed. See the Amazon reader reviews also. —Christine

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