Big excitement in biotech? Nanotech

from the boggling-profit-potential dept.
In a item on Yahoo Finance, biotech expert Cynthia Robbins-Roth advises on investing in her sector: "I think that the big excitement will be in two key areas…The second arena of incredible opportunity lies in the so-far untested uses of biotech to create devices that don't yet exist. Nanotechnology, driven by a molecular understanding of how our cells work in sickness and in health, can lead to the creation of new approaches to cell engineering and transplantation. For example, the only real cure for diabetes will require the creation of a device that acts just like a real pancreas, one that would need to respond on a second-by-second basis to changes in blood sugar levels. Imagine an engineered pancreas that sits in the body and responds continually." Yes, and hurry it up please, 'cause some of us need one now. (Or a heart, intact spinal cord, etc.)

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