Bill Joy advocates common sense, not banning research

from the what-happened-to-the-God-part? dept.
Lew Phelps brings to our attention a Wired story on Bill Joy's talk at the Pop!Tech2000 conference: "Joy said that while such technologies [robotics, nanotechnology and genetics] offer much, including freeing many from poverty and 'grinding physical labor,' there are also inherent dangers. Although some have misinterpreted his arguments as calling for a ban on some types of research, Joy said he is simply calling for a return to common sense. 'Reason taught us how to develop these tools and if we donít use our reason to manage them, we do so at our own peril,' Joy said during his one-hour address." CP: From the conference program, it appears the focus of Bill's talk was spirituality, God, religion, and the soul, although these weren't mentioned in the Wired coverage: odd.

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