Bill Joy at World Economic Forum: vote on research

from the what-world-leaders-heard dept.
In an International Herald Tribune item we learn more about what happened at WEF: "Mr. Joy discussed his thesis at a remarkable seminar during the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. He urged scientists to renounce research that could lead to what he considers 'a clear danger of extinction'…At least, he said, there ought to be a democratic opportunity for ordinary people to vote on whether they want this kind of research to continue. That is obviously impractical. We voters don't know enough about the subjects, and at the rate things are changing we will never have a chance to learn in time to make a sensible decision." CP: Technology is also developed in countries where the people don't get to vote. Read More for additional excerpts. "A dozen famous scientists were present at the lively discussion, and for the most part they disputed both his pessimism about the future of humanity and his argument against the classical scientific belief in the virtues of the search for truth. They did not agree that robots with artificial intelligence would lead to the elimination of people, that genetic novelties and molecular devices which could be used for terrible weapons as well as wonderful improvements would surely bring evil…And yet it is right to raise the issue, right to be aware of the tremendously increased responsibilities that this generation and the ones immediately ahead have for humanity.."

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