BlogTalkRadio: Pearl Chin on nanotechnology

Foresight president Dr. Pearl Chin was interviewed on nanotechnology by Stephen Gordon and PJ Manney on Dec. 16, and the show can now be downloaded for your listening edification.

A brief summary appears on Phil Bowermaster’s blog The Speculist:

Dr. Chin is excited about [the] medical advance that nanoparticles are making possible – particularly with cancer detection and treatment. But she’s a fan of those stain resistent pants too.

She believes caution is needed when investing, but particularly where the investor does not understand the science. She hopes that with caution we can avoid the bubble/bust phenomenon we saw with the’s.

Help Foresight meet our 2007 Challenge Grant goal by December 31. You can check our progress here. Thanks to Phil and PJ mentioned above for their support as Senior Associates of Foresight. —Christine

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