British Medical Journal endorses open source

from the when-reliability-means-life-or-death dept.
Found on slashdot: The British Medical Journal has endorsed open source software. Excerpt: "It is reliable and secure: source code can be inspected for bugs and security flaws before it is compiled for use. It can be maintained even if the developers who originally produced the software are no longer available…Free software concepts make particular sense in medicine: although peer review has its problems, medical knowledge is becoming more open, not less, and the idea of locking it up in proprietary systems is untenable…The European Union has already embraced open source: its fifth framework programme (which will fund 3.6bn Euros of research and development over the next 5-10 years) places a strong emphasis on projects which will yield open source software as one of the outputs. Next week the NHS Information Authority hosts a seminar to consider the implications of the free software movement for its future strategy."

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