Business groups expressing interest, caution on nanotech

from the nanobusiness dept.
Advances in nanoscience research and development are spurring intense interest among investors and corporations, but many are also wary of "nano-hype" in the wake of the dot-com meltdown. An article describing these mixed views appeared in Red Herring magazine ("Nano a nano", S. Herrera, 31 August 2001). The article also describes the efforts of Mark Modzelewski in creating the NanoBusiness Alliance, an international nanotechnology trade association to lobby congress, commission white papers, and conduct symposia. Similar coverage appeared in The Boston Globe ("Nanotechnology emerges as the next new frontier", by Beth Healy, 3 September 2001

The first symposium sponsored by the NanoBusiness Alliance will be held in New York City on 3 October 2001, and will bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, policy makers, journalists and the public at large to examine the emerging ìbusinessî of nanotechnology.

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