Call for increased government investment in nanotechnology

from the we-really-need-products dept.
Kurioz writes "Nanotechnology may be over-hyped, published by The Register, states:"

Nanotechnology will require sustained investment over at least the next decade, as well as more commercial applications, if it is to deliver on its initial promise.

Nanotechnology, which is the design and manufacture of extremely small electronic circuits and mechanical devices built at the molecular level of matter, has been touted as an emerging sector for some time now, but a white paper published on Thursday has said that the technology is over-hyped and a long way from delivering on its full potential.

With more on the same white paper mentioned above ("Size Matters, Building a Successful Nanotechnology Company," released by 3i, the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Institute of Nanotechnology), Gina Miller sends the following two URLs: from Misunderstood Nanotech, and from Nanotech: Can reality match the hype?

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