Chem & Eng News special report on nanotechnology

from the 18-pages-and-growing dept.
The Oct 16 issue of Chemical & Engineering News has a large (about 18 pages) special report on nanotechnology . Unfortunately, the web pages are password-protected. Research ("Building from the bottom up"), instrumentation, business ("Firms find a new field of dreams"), and government are covered. From the first, an excerpt: In any case, [Feynman Prize winner Nadrian] Seeman says, his primary goal is not computation per se but algorithmic assembly–using DNA to make novel and potentially useful nanostructures. Nanostructures, after all, are the key to nanotechnology, whether they are designed to perform lightning-fast calculations, detect molecules in the environment, eliminate pathogens from the body, or improve the properties of a material." Amusingly, one researcher is quoted as blaming the medical nanobot concept for getting the field "off to such a bad start"; this same concept inspires the new NASA/NCI/Caltech project. If someone has time to type in more quotes, we'll post them.

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