Chemical fabrication of ultrahigh-density arrays of nanopores

from the go-self-assembly dept.
Senior Associate MarkMuhlestein writes "This looks like interesting work, reported in the Dec 15 Science. If you have access, the entire article is at Here's the abstract: Science, 290, 2126 (15 Dec 2000) 'We show a simple, robust, chemical route to the fabrication of ultrahigh-density arrays of nanopores with high aspect ratios using the equilibrium self-assembled morphology of asymmetric diblock copolymers. The dimensions and lateral density of the array are determined by segmental interactions and the copolymer molecular weight. Through direct current electrodeposition, we fabricated vertical arrays of nanowires with densities in excess of 1.9 x 10^11 wires per square centimeter. We found markedly enhanced coercivities with ferromagnetic cobalt nanowires that point toward a route to ultrahigh-density storage media. The copolymer approach described is practical, parallel, compatible with current lithographic processes, and amenable to multilayered device fabrication.' Thurn-Albrecht et al., U Mass @ Amherst, IBM Watson, LANL"

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