CIA advocates public education on nanotech

from the so-where's-their-donation? dept.
This "news" predates nanodot, but it's worth noting this item from IDG that gives both NASA's views on nanotech (which we knew), but also the CIA's (which we didn't): The rapid pace of technological change is also forcing the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to adjust. In February 1999, the CIA formed IN-Q-Tel Inc., a nonprofit corporation set up to invest in technology companies. The CIA believes it is not currently able to keep up with developments in information technology infrastructures and is being challenged in its mission of presenting top-flight information to the federal government, Gilman Louie, president of IN-Q-Tel, said…Louie also advocated public education as an element in promoting support for nanotechnology. "The genie is already out of the bottle." he said.

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