CIA's "Global Trends 2015" on nanotechnology

from the spooks-are-watching dept.
Included in the CIA report Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts: "Discoveries in nanotechnology will lead to unprecedented understanding and control over the fundamental building blocks of all physical things. Developments in this emerging field are likely to change the way almost everythingófrom vaccines to computers to automobile tires to objects not yet imaginedóis designed and made. Self-assembled nanomaterials, such as semiconductor 'quantum dots,' could by 2015 revolutionize chemical labeling and enable rapid processing for drug discovery, blood content analysis, genetic analysis, and other biological applications." The International Herald Tribune comments: "The CIA's analytical work is sometimes breathtakingly mediocre, but this survey actually is worth reading. Compiled with help from prominent experts outside government, the study is blunt, provocative and full of surprising observations."

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