College majors for aspiring nanoengineers?

from the brother-could-use-paradigm dept.
bacteriophage writes "I have already read over "Studying Nanotechnology" by Eric Drexler, which is an excellent resource, but it may be slightly outdated. Even if this is not the case, is there anyone out there who knows of similar sites in terms of advocating certain courses of study in order to become a nanoengineer, or anyone who currently works in the field and would like to provide info on their own educational backgrounds, what they had to go through, etc.? Thank you very much."

This is a perennial topic. At the graduate level, more and more universities are hosting nanoscale research programs (though doctoral students participating in such research could emerge with Ph.D.'s in anything from materials science to computational chemistry). What is the current best practice in terms of undergraduate study?

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