Deadline Thursday to save on Foresight Conference

We try not to let Foresight’s activities dominate this blog, but for those of you considering attending the 13th Foresight Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology, Oct. 22-27: the deadline is this coming Thursday, Sept. 1, to take advantage of the early registration fee discount. See the speakers, the program, the Research page, and the list of organizations attending previous meetings. Late abstracts are still being considered.

This is the most comprehensive nanotech conference we’ve ever done: Applications, Policy, Vision, and Research are all covered, and attendees can customize their registration to select the sessions of most interest to them personally. We have more high-profile speakers than ever before, by far. And because we’re non-profit, and rather experienced at holding these meetings, registration fees are lower than most other nano meetings. The Feynman Prize Banquet is an especially exciting part of the meeting.

There’s a brochure in PDF format, but for the latest program, see the web link above. Hope to see you there! –CP

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